Expert janitorial service tips on dealing with some care issues

Floors in a commercial building get soiled quickly, due to the heavy traffic they endure every day, especially in lobbies, offices, restrooms and others. They should be cleaned regularly and protected against the penetration of filth and dirt particles. However, there are times when using a sealant can cause some problems. Here are some of these problems and their solutions provided by a professional janitorial service provider.

  • Excess foot traffic marks

This problem occurs when several protective coatings have been applied too quickly. This causes moisture to be trapped between the layers. A good way to check if the previous coating has dried before applying a new one is to perform the following janitorial cleaning test: place a piece of tissue on the floor. Step on it with your foot. If the piece sticks to the floor or tears up then you should wait for the sealant to completely dry before adding a new layer.

  • Static electricity

This rather startling problem can be resolved by taking the following janitorial cleaning measures. During the applying of the protective sealant wear thin leather soled shoes. Also, increase the environment’s humidity. Be sure to mop using an antistatic liquid. You may have to mop frequently to ensure the best results.

Floor care is vital to ensuring the longevity and good condition of your commercial floors. However, you should be careful when applying a protective sealant as multiple coatings can trap moisture between the layers. This results into unwanted and unpleasant foot traffic marks. Also, make sure you use an antistatic liquid to remove a rather startling issue regarding static electricity. If you would like to learn more about floor care, contact a professional janitorial service provider. An example of one such contractor is Suds n Such Cleaning Services in Yorktown, VA.